Meet the producers of RAADfest 2022, a Super Longevity Festival, on October 6-9 in San Diego, California.

Our founder and producers, Tonya Scholz, and co-host @Psychic_Brian33 had an opportunity to chat with the producers of RAADfest, a Super Longevity Festival, via Twitter Spaces on August 24, 2022.

Meet James Strole, Co-founder, Co-director of People Unlimited, and the Executive Director of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, the producers of RAADfest and Bernadeane, Co-founder and Co-director of People Unlimited.

Joe Bardin, Communications Director for Coalition for Radical Life Extension, producer’s of RAADfest.

James Strole notes that they came up with the name RAADfest means revolution against aging and death. He says they established the first event in San Diego in 2016, which has grown in volume.

Joe Bardin discusses the longevity events and says they have experts on the stage and in the audience. James Strole talks about their purpose of inspiring people to get more educated. Bernadeane notes that they’re inspired because they love to be alive. James Strole says they got a lot of new presentations and innovations.

Host Tonya Scholz asks what to expect attending in-person RAADfest for the first time in three years. James Strole says they got a lot of new presentations and innovations. Joe Bardin notes that they have a stem cell panel that will look at different approaches to stem cells, and Dr. Sandra Kaufman has a new book that discusses building your longevity. Ray Kurzweil will be speaking also.

Co-host Brian asked about any speakers presenting longevity & AI. Joe shared that Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, will speak about Robotics in healthcare.

Co-host, Brian asked if there will be presentation about longevity mindset? James Strole talks about:

*Dr. Stephen Sideroff presents “Resilience to Slow the Aging Process”

*Naveen Jain, Entrepreneur and philanthropist presents, “The moonshot to cure aging”

Joe Bardin talks about there’s kind of an interesting investor dynamic that happens at RAADfest. It’s not an event for investors, it’s an event for the general public. But investors come because it gives them a really good sense of the landscape of longevity.

Co-host Brian chats with Joe and James about the Millennials embracing super longevity compared to his parents, who are Boomers and weren’t.

The power of connection and community is what attending RAADfest is about.

Building Super Longevity community and RAADcity featuring top global companies, clinics, products, services, and more for Super Longevity.

Music, dancing and virtual RAADcity!

Q & A Intermittent fasting.

Q & A Transhumanism.

Brian chat with James about peptides & longevity.

Carlos asked James about is it important to have a purpose and creativity for Super Longevity. Also what his thought about the great reset.

Closing remarks. James thanked hosts, Tonya & Brian for hosting the Twitter Spaces to give more info about upcoming hybrid RAADfest 2022!

"We're excited to be back in person, but we're not going back to anything, and we're moving forward with new speakers, new science, and new opportunities to advance your longevity and our revolution," says James Strole, Executive Director for the
Coalition for Radical Life Extension

Get tickets to attend RAADcity: 

RAADcity Expo Hours: 

Thursday, Oct. 6 11:00am-4:00pm 

Friday, Oct. 7 8:00am-12:00pm | 6:30pm-10:00pm (includes FREE food and drinks) 

Saturday, Oct. 8 8:00am-12:00pm | 6:30pm-10:00pm 

Sunday, Oct. 9 2:30pm-5:00pm (Wrap Party) 

What do you get with your Expo Ticket? 

• Entry into the RAADCity Expo with 40+ exhibiting brands 

• Complimentary products and services 

• Discounted products available for purchase 

• Informative presentations related to Anti Aging and Age Reversal 

• The chance to meet your favorite scientists, authors, mavericks in the Anti Aging and Age Reversal field. 

About RAADfest:

Get your personal blueprint. 

Access the latest information on super longevity and age-reversal, presented by a world-class lineup of experts. 

Upgrade your personal strategies. 

Explore the most advanced products and services to enhance your longevity strategies. 

Make your personal mark. 

Get inspired to make your voice heard and help bring super longevity to the world. 

Attend RAADfest 2022:

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