Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe: A Collector's Experience with @CryptoGodLui 's Genesis Collection.

by Sarah Thomas @RealCatzCatting

I first heard CryptogodLui’s music on NFTMusic Radio, a 24/7 web3 music station broadcast on Twitter Spaces. As a music connoisseur, Lui’s songs spoke to me. “Sunflower Seed” grabbed me with its message of growth and positivity in a harsh world.

After a spin through his catalog and a conversation with Lui in a music Space, I considered myself a supporter. When the NFLui Genesis Collection dropped, I minted Lui’s first piece. The music drove me to learn more about Lui as a person and artist. The connection we forged made collecting this music NFT a natural next step.

My music journey began with listening to music my parents played on a record player and progressed through cassettes to the CD player. Saving to spend on a musician’s works was second nature to me. The web2 music world lacked the connection to the artist as an individual except through mainstream media, and the music industry sold a highly controlled narrative of the recording artist to the listener. 

The web3 music landscape differs greatly from this model, where the listener becomes more than a consumer or distant nameless fan. The genuine support and sharing of the true narrative of the journey to create are encouraged. When I learned that Lui immigrated to the US from Peru, I appreciated his use of Spanish in his songs. In his weekly music Space, LUI & Music NFTs, I’ve discovered several musicians I now connect with and collect from. This approach makes the concept of Love, Understanding, and Inspiration real to me.

When Lui and I discussed our backgrounds, I discovered a common connection between education and the study of psychology. We’ve shared about loss, change, and triumph over adverse conditions. These talks felt like a comfortable chat over coffee, or a relaxed session with friends, getting elevated and enjoying each other’s company. 

With our authentic connection forged before Lui’s genesis collection dropped and his efforts to build a genuine, supportive community, collecting “Pack It” from the NFLui Genesis Collection was a natural next step. Sharing these high vibes with Lui and the NFT Music community is a sweet set-up for a long-time music lover like myself. Your vibes do indeed attract your tribe, and CryptogodLui is building a lasting, authentic one for his collectors and supporters.

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