Interview With Stackpack,
The Renowned International Media & NFT Mogul.

By: Charles Myambo @bigchaz14

Interview With Stackpack, The Renowned International Media & NFT Mogul

Stackpack is an international business mogul who is extremely multifaceted. He is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in media and NFT. He has a profound 2 million followers on Instagram alone. Stackpack is verified on Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, Kandiid & more. Additionally, Stackpack is a highly touted brand ambassador who represents brands such as Gucci, Belaire, Samsung, C4 Energy Drink, Vibra360 and Motobloq. He is the owner of coveted brands such as Internet Traffic LLC, Stackpack Health and Internet Traffic Magazine. Social Chats’s Life & Style correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) had an interview with Stackpack (SP). Below are some excerpts from the interview.

Interview With Stackpack, The Renowned International Media & NFT Mogul (1)

CM: Tell us a bit about your life journey that culminated in you becoming a prominent businessman who owns a marketing agency, digital magazine and sitting on several notable company boards.

SP: It started when I had my first computer at 12-13 years old. I realized the gateway to become what I wanted through the power of social media like myspace. I’ve always sat down and analyzed everything before making a move. But things started when I first started using the internet and started trending at a young age, then I transitioned to Facebook where I was popular as well.

CM: You are an extremely well established media mogul who is verified on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Kandiid and several other platforms. How did you garner the status and millions of followers you have on all these platforms?

SP: I was an early adopter of the Metaverse/Web3 and NFTs. I’m heavily invested in the blockchain. I walked around as a digital avatar that represented me for months while making connections online through my meta verse character. I took those relationships offline and built them in real life. Your network is your net-worth.

CM: Not many people have been featured in Forbes more than once but you have. How does it feel to have accomplished so many milestones all before the age of 30?

SP: It feels awesome it makes me feel like sky’s the limit, nothing can stop the journey. Only you have the power to stop the journey. If you have a great mindset and great team around there’s nothing that can ever stop it. It’s amazing to see all things I’ve accomplished, makes me want to keep going forever.

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Charles Myambo

Charles Myambo is an author and correspondent for an industry leader, The Hype Magazine. He is also well known for being a #1 Amazon best-selling author in several genres.

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