Beyoncé Knowles's Father Discusses His Career With Charles Myambo - Mathew Knowles

By Charles Myambo @bigchaz14

Beyoncé Knowles's Father Discusses His Career With Charles Myambo - Mathew Knowles

Mathew Knowles is a globally renowned mogul who has exhibited prominence in the music and corporate sectors. Over the years, Mathew has assumed many marquee positions and roles but none more fulfilling than working with his children. He played a vital role in nurturing several prominent artists’ careers, including his daughters, Beyoncé Knowles and Solange Knowles. His music enterprise was preceded by a vastly distinguished career in the corporate sector. It started with Mathew launching the coveted music World Entertainment Corporation record label in 1992. Under the “Music World Entertainment” moniker, Mathew became the executive producer and manager of the legendary group known as Destiny’s Child. The group would achieve tremendous feats throughout the 90s, most notably winning the Grammys and AMAs and getting inducted into the Billboard 100 “all time” charts. Several music icons were developed under the “Music World Entertainment” banner. Mathew was fully intent on harnessing the full potential of all the artists he managed, most of whom went on to win major awards and achieve multi-platinum status. Before his career in music, Mathew was a decorated salesman who was widely regarded as the best in his industry worldwide. His expertise in the corporate sector later proved vital in his role as a music manager, mentor, and executive. Today, Mathew is regarded as one of the greatest music executive of all time.

● The Social Chats Life & Style correspondent Charles Myambo had an interview with Mathew Knowles. Below is a video displaying the full interview.


Key Points Discussed During The Interview:

  • 2022 “XP Music Conference.”
  • Mathew’s sense of gratitude
  • Mathew’s cancer diagnoses
  • Charles’s grief and loss
  • Past Failures & Lessons
  • Beyoncé & Solange
  • Book – & “DNA of an Achiever.”
  • “Family & Work” balance
  • Importance of Laughter
  • Importance of Humility
  • Taking Risks’ Experimenting
  • Importance of Experience

XP Music Conference (November 28-29)

Mathew Knowles was recently a keynote speaker in this year’s edition of the coveted XP Music Conference in Saudi Arabia. The music mogul delivered in-depth tutelage about the inner workings of the music industry and provided strategies on how to excel in the industry. Mathew focuses on mentoring the natives of Saudi Arabia to expand the music landscape in the nation further and throughout the Middle East region. Since its inauguration last year, the XP Music Conference has garnered widespread attention and has emerged as one of the biggest music conferences/festivals worldwide.

The XP Music Conference is organized and hosted by MDLBEAST.

2021 – XP Music Conference Excerpts;

2021 – XP Music Conference Aftermovie;

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