Number two genre of music in 2020: Techno

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Techno music is another genre that has been growing since the widespread use of technology.
Ever since the genre grew from Detroit and Chicago-style venues in the ’80s and ’90s to being a worldwide phenomenon today, artists have fused the rhythms and beats with other elements to create some of the most creative musical styles ever.

There are more and more artists that are arriving on the scene and making a name for themselves. Tyler Morris, aka Westend, has made his mark on the area of tech-house with songs like “Don’t Stop,” “Nakey,” and “Detonate” with John Summit.

He even took part in a recent show at the Avant Gardner stage with Martin Iken and Fischer.

Another one taking the spotlight is Japanese artist Qrion.

She has been having massive success with releases like Sine Wave Party

and stage appearances at Group Therapy Weekender and Groove Cruise Miami. Her layers of digital and organic music that makeup both her remixes and original releases are what keep people coming back for more.

It certainly doesn’t end there. Artists from all around the globe continue to make techno music, and people from all around the globe continue to listen. Irish-born Rebūke,

British Marsh

and Americans like Wenzday


and RYBO all continue to flood the scene with more techno music.

There is a reason that techno is the second largest music genre in the U.S. in 2020. It certainly doesn’t look to be shrinking anytime soon, either.

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