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Because of the Covid19 pandemic and social distancing laws, Social Chats will not be hosting in-person Meetups. Instead, we will be hosting monthly i-Meetup on our new fun & informative website,

Join us on Thursday, September 3, 2020, from 6 PM-7:30 PM for our first i-Meetup!
Please make sure you have your food & drinks ready before joining the meeting.

Live entertainment by Tiffany Leblanc.

We will ask each attendee to introduce themselves and will have 60 seconds for their elevator pitch that must answers:

An open discussion & networking will follow that. All attendees will get an opportunity to complete a survey about”

*How has the Covid19 pandemic change how you do business?
*Do you still work remotely?
*How lonely are you with no connection to your co-workers or do you like it?
*What skills are you developing to prepare your career for Post Covid19 pandemic?

Early Bird: $5

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Social Chats is a multimedia and entertainment company. It’s a division of kNOw Aging, inc. a communications consultancy.

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