RAADfest 2022

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Join our founder & host, Tonya Scholz, and co-host, Brian, on Wednesday, August 24 at 3 PM EST via Twitter Spaces.

Chat with Jim Strole, Bernadeane Brown, co-founders of Coalition for Radical Life Extension, and Joe Bardin, Director of Communications for People Unlimited and RAADfest, about the upcoming RAADfest 2022, the world’s largest event focused on anti-aging and age reversal science for a general audience.
Leading scientists, practitioners, entrepreneurs, artists, and activists will gather at RAADfest on Oct. 6-9, 2022, to share the most current insights, connect with colleagues, spark new initiatives, and have a great time doing it.

Presented by the non-profit Coalition for Radical Life Extension, RAAD stands for the Revolution Against Aging and Death. It is the only event of its kind that offers cutting-edge, anti-aging and age-reversal science for a general audience. Now in its seventh year, it has become a focal point in the movement’s annual calendar.

Social Chats

Social Chats is a multimedia and entertainment company. It’s a division of kNOw Aging, inc. a communications consultancy.

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