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Ketamine Therapy, A New Hope for Mental Health

Ketamine Therapy: A New Hope for Mental Health.

Ketamine is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to anesthetize people and animals and has been used safely in hospitals for decades. However, there is less data on Ketamine’s effectiveness for other conditions, including anxiety and PTSD, and little data on its long-term use.

Chat with Psychiatrist & NFT Artist, Stacy Lindsey

Chat with psychiatrist & NFT artist, Stacy Lindsey

#TwitterSpaces #ForACause! Host by Tonya Scholz and Co-Host Ginain Grayes chat with a psychiatrist and #NFTartist, Stacy Lindsey, about
her nonprofit, which hopes to use a portion of proceeds from NFT sales to support & fund resources for mental health in the community.

What Are Nootropics

Have you ever felt as if you needed something to enhance your mental function? Nootropics are any medications or supplements

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