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Esports is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. The industry breached $1 billion in revenue in 2019 and has continued growing.

More and more people are attempting to join the scene. One of the ways to join the scene is to go to college on a scholarship for gaming.

Now multiple colleges offer scholarships for a variety of games.

League of Legends,



and FIFA are all games that have large competitive scenes.

College coaches will watch tournaments of these games and examine those who have submitted recruitment forms to that college or university.

However, they can also monitor Twitch streams or other video evidence of how good a potential recruit is. After all, they aren’t going to recruit an Overwatch player who says they are Grandmaster level when their stream barely shows Silver ability.
Many universities only offer partial scholarships for those in the Esports scene. However, there are those such as Harrisburg University that offered full rides to its entire 16-player roster in 2018.

Other big-name colleges that have Esports teams and scholarships include Miami University,

Ohio State University

The University of Oklahoma

and Arkansas State.

The world of esports continues to grow, and it needs more players to entertain. These scholarships help those new players get exposed to the scene while also getting a good education alongside.

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