Understanding Esports on Twitch and Other Streaming Platforms

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Ever since Twitch launched in 2011, it has shot up in popularity.

Video game streams have taken the world by storm, with that number only increasing further with Amazon’s acquisition in 2014. Now, it is by far the largest video game streaming service available.

Meanwhile, Esports has also grown in popularity to be one of the most profitable industries out there. Combine these two, and you’ve got millions of people watching Esports on Twitch.

It has become so popular in regards to the esports scene that Twitch has launched an entire Esports section on their site. That way, viewers can sort through what games they want to watch as well as who, all while retaining that high-level play that many people are after.

Esports has notably grown in the wake of the COVID-19.

Twitch reached all-time highs for both hours watched, hours streamed, and average concurrent viewers (CCV) during this period.

But Twitch is not the only streaming platform out there. Facebook

and YouTube

both have their game streaming service, as well as Twitch’s rival Mixer.

While both YouTube Gaming and Facebook had more viewers during this period, Mixer had more hours streamed and unique streamers on it.

Twitch is undoubtedly the dominant force in the streaming market. But as the market continues to grow, so will the opportunity for YouTube Gaming and Mixer to grab part of the audience that Twitch has managed to accumulate over the years.

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