Why are we obsessed with eyebrows?

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It’s safe to say that eyebrows have had a major moment in the beauty world in the last decade. They’ve transformed from pencil-thin lines above our eyes to full, fluffy brows that help shape our face – in the best way possible!

Every day, women head to their local beautician to have their eyebrows threaded, plucked, waxed, or re-shaped. That’s if you have enough hair to work with.

For those of us who were succumbed to over-plucking in the early 2000s, luckily, there are cosmetic procedures to help undo some of the damage. Microblading is one of the latest eyebrow treatments that help give you full, natural luscious brows using a tattooing technique.

Women who aren’t quite ready to commit to microblading but still want to achieve Cara Delevingne worthy brows, often use makeup to mimic natural hair.

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