Five beauty products are a waste of money

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Just as not all good things work, many beauty products are not particularly fake but a waste of money. With the current increase in skin conditions and the strive to look even more beautiful, more pricey products are being manufactured, many of which are good and others fake. Which products are fake and those which are not but a waste of money is key in trying to keep your beauty from fading. Spending the dollars on products that don’t last will not affect your body positively in the long run. Knowing your skin type and knowing what works for you, but for the most part, some products are generally useless to the majority. Below are some beauty products which, from my point of view, are a waste of money or better still, useless.

⦁  Cleanser
All a cleanser does is clean your face, make it free from any debris or make it free from any leftover makeup that you have on your face making it easier to wash. Cleansers, when applied, will last just about 15seconds before washing off, so spending big bucks on them will be a waste of money. Some are costing just about $12, and those are recommended.

⦁  Exfoliators
This product is on your skin only for a few seconds, and all you need it to do is exfoliate your skin(take away dead skin cells). That said, you will not need fancy ingredients rather just something to get the job done; resurface your skin, do away with dead skin cells, brighten your skin, and create a clean canvas.

⦁  Pimple cream
The active ingredients reducing inflammations in a perfect pimple cream are not pricey; hence the hype about the higher the price, the more authentic it is, shouldn’t bother you. There are many more alternatives in drug stores and therapies you can follow: natural, non-toxic, and cheaper.

⦁  Lip balm and moisturizers
Do you need super pricey products to moisturize your lips? The answer is not. Lots of natural products or very cheap lubes like shea butter will last you alike forever, depending on the size you get. Just for $10, and you are settled for eternity. Mind you Shea butter is so hydrating, nourishing, and versatile this applying a shade of it on top of liquid lipsticks will be breathtaking.

⦁  Toners
Although they stay on your skin for long, being too pricey is not positive. For something which only closes pores and reduces cell gaps, high price tags are not exactly what you need.
All the products mentioned above are good in various scenarios, but value compared to price tag makes them worthless. Go for something cheaper with similar effects and save you some dollars while still wearing that elegant look.

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