Is the return to vinyl reinvigorating the rave scene?

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Vinyl is like the Fast and Furious franchise; the more you expect it to end, the more it seems to come back.

Over the past few years, it has been well documented that the older form of music has made a brilliant resurgence, even outselling CDs in 2019.

These vinyl records have had an impact that isn’t discussed in the mainstream news articles: raves.

The history of raves could take up 16 of these pieces, so we’re just going to look around 1994

and compare it to 2020.

Even though the image of DJs have changed over the years, the classic picture of someone standing up and twisting around a vinyl record on a turntable still persists.

Even EDM DJs like Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike have appeared before Belgian crowds for a “100% Oldskool Vinyl” interlude.

They did this to counter the criticism of EDM DJs as lazy and “only hitting a button” for their performances.

Meanwhile, the German revival of vinyl has been happening since the 90s. The rave culture took hold around 94. As the 2000s came, CDs were regarded as “uncool.” The rave scene was controlled by vinyl. And people say Germans are too efficient to have fun.
Vinyl records still have a place in the modern world of electronic music. Raves can be improved by these records, giving them a throwback feel. DJs can also gain credibility from performing on these pieces. How far can vinyl climb in 2020? Only time will tell.

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