Eco-Friendly Real Estate: Does it Cost More to Save The Planet?

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Boomers like to complain that Millenials are destroying the real estate market, but trends reveal that their interests are more invested in the planet than property.

Sustainable living has become a more significant priority in recent years, leading The National Association Of Homebuilders to believe eco-friendly construction plans are going to be more popular (2019). “74% of homebuyers said they would rather pay for longer-lasting features and finishes that cost more as opposed to cheap materials that are less sustainable and need to be replaced more often.

For example, this includes the use of locally sourced materials, which is growing in popularity and helps reduce the pollutants of transporting materials for construction” (2019), From energy-efficient appliances to solar panels, and home features that purify the air quality; the housing market is seeing a significant shift in taste.

These features cost more upfront but invest in the future. What if you’re trying to sell your home? There are ways to appeal to the buyer that won’t break the bank.

Bamboo is replacing hardwood because it grows faster than any other plant. Replace carpeting with bamboo flooring for an updated and environmentally conscious look.

Ditch that old thermostat for a new programmable smart thermostat that ensures a lower energy bill of over $180 a year (Henry, 2013).

Studies show it pays to keep the future in mind.

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