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Facial massage is not only for cosmetic purposes but also a therapy to improve blood flow to the face as part of achieving an overall healthy face. Several kinds of facial massages exist, all centered towards achieving a similar goal.

Face lifting massage
The face lifting massage is done using just the hands and a lubricant, and there are several ways of doing it. It doesn’t dwell on prescription but on the ability to use your hands the way you want. In this light, it is quite advantageous because it is free as you can do it your self, and it stimulates the blood circulation and lymph flow to all areas of your face.

Its principle is simple, “firm and lift all muscles of your face.” By so doing, you fight against gravity, keeping you vibrant and maintaining your glow.
Ingredients to use may be tricky hence better to pay attention to using plant-based oils. They are the best and could be from your kitchen cupboard or your favorite brand. Mineral-based oils should be avoided as they are mostly synthetic and hence will only block facial pores.
The big question now is, what quantity of plant-based oils should I use?. Preferably, I’ll start with something more like a teaspoon amount, and the idea is you are going to put it all over the face and neck.
First, start by rubbing the oil all over your palms and then apply to the face and all down to the neck. It’s quite best to do this in the morning, so maybe you could do it with your cleanser or late in the evening where you could take 4 minutes or a good 15 to 20 minutes, basically try to incorporate it into your daily routine as you see fit.
Even though we are dealing with lifting, starting with the lymph nodes, which drain downwards will be best—stimulating the lymph nodes around the jaws, ears, and down to the chin area and then the neck. If you see pink discoloration, you are on track as these are the blood flows being stimulated. 

Doing big downward circles on either side of the neck will stretch the muscles and then a little bit of pumping around the collar bone to encourage the lymph drainage. Thumps under your chin pushing downwards from the chin to the ears and then change that into a pinching movement easing drainage.
Big circles into the cheeks to lift and get the circulation going and small circles all around the mouth to prevent the fine lines that usually appear while making the lips plumps as well. Push your nasal labial line mostly with your knuckles and hold up for some seconds before moving to your ears.

Lift either cheek one hand across the other coming from the neck upwards and pushing up to the midlines then around the brows. Small circular moves under the eye and then lifting the brow holding it before circling.
For the forehead, a gentle zigzag move to take away the lines which appear from all the tension and stress from the day. Keep up while extending into the hairline while applying pressure. Do big active push-ups here before calming it all down again to sync with that drainage.
Extending to the hairline and neck are just because the muscles of the face are continuous and run into these areas. These are just examples of some moves you could try to get that amazing face you desire.

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