Five beauty treatments­­ worth the money

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Beauty, as we all know, lies in the beholder’s eyes, but notwithstanding, it makes you feel good and boosts your confidence. Our beauty starts to fade with age or skin diseases, those are a nightmare, and those make us feel inferior with low self-esteem.

The most common way of noticing your beauty fade with age is to start developing eye backs, nasal labial folds, and early jowls, which can all be blamed on gravity. Below is a list of beauty treatments for skin infections and foraging, which works, and like my grandma always says, “if it works, it’s worth the money.”

⦁  Radiofrequency eye lift.
This treatment type is designed for aging skin. It works by using radiofrequency energy “to tighten the underlying skin structure and contour the face to create firm, toned, and youthful-looking skin,” according to facial plastic surgeon Dr. Maryam Zamani. Though a little bit painful, the results are effective and permanent, and like all good things, the effects take time to be visible, and thus patience needs to be exercised. It is not cheap, and with a quote of almost six sessions costing about $200 each, your pocket needs to be deep, but it’s worth it.

⦁  Facial extractions
deal with removing or clearing clogged pores manually or mechanically. Most people require a couple of extractions during their facials, especially if it’s their first time. Some facials could require light extractions, but an extraction focused facial could be useful against acne-prone skin and blackheads. Thinking it’s cheap? Not at all. Prices range from about $600 to $700 per session.

⦁  Acne mesh treatment
is a long-lasting treatment method for acne, giving you a plump skin afterward. With the longevity of about six weeks, this treatment is quite good and cost-saving. It involves inserting small threads into the skin to prompt the production of collagen lots of medical spas to offer this treatment, and the areas where treatment is done appears plump and less scared.

⦁  Enzyme face and body mask
is not too comfy treatment but very effective. The therapy works on the lymphatic system and the body’s enzymes to help remove dead skin cells while promoting circulation hence restoring your skin integrity. Circulation and blood flow are improved as the gel tightens on drying. This treatment method is perfect for acne and aging, as well.

⦁  Wax mask
Do you have a hairy face? This treatment is just the best for you. It can be used to remove peach fuzz from the face and remove unwanted hair from the face as it pulls the hair from its roots. It also removed blackheads and dead skin, making the skin soft and ready for makeup.
Some of these methods are very expensive and not a one-time thing, but being beautiful and healthy gives you the confidence you need and where your wealth lies.

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