Beauty products from your kitchen- buy it or make it

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Yes, it’s all in the kitchen, easy peasy. Just hints and combo of things you find in your top shelf cupboard will give you a million-dollar look. It’s especially great for someone who’s always caught up with work or is lazy to go to a fashion shop to pick up items. Here are a few in my very own collection.

⦁  Honey and plain yogurt combo
A mix of the two in a bowl and applied on that face for about 15 minutes before washing off will help moisturize and relax the face. It can also be applied to the hair preventing it from breaking and keeping it smooth. Honey alone can be used as a mask, and this wards off rashes due to makeup.

⦁  Coconuts oil
Arguably one of the best beauty products in the world and guess where you can find it? Right in your kitchen. Apply by rubbing on your body or dipping your hair in it, making a hair mask. If allowed to solidify, it can be mixed with sugar and applied on Luis lipstick to clean it off, leaving your lips plumps and supper smooth after the process.

⦁  Brown sugar and olive oil
Mixing the two gives a perfect product for skin scrub before bathing and not to worry; the France of brown sugar is ecstatic. It’s great for sensitive skin as the sugar melts quickly but not in a sticky way. It gives a gentle feel and exfoliates the skin without damaging it. Avocado oil works perfectly too.

⦁  Apple cider vinegar and warm water
Great for hair and skin. Soak hair in the mixture and then allow it to dry. It prevents irritations and itches. Also good for acne.

⦁  Banana
is great for controlling oily skin. Just smash and apply on the face for about 15minutes then wash off. The results will be visible.

⦁  Irish Potatoes
Slice and use one half to rub on your face or juice the potatoes and use the juice to wash your face off. Good for pimple and acne.

All being said, there is a long list, and these are just some you can try. It will be absolutely a waste of money if you buy these products from someone else when you can do it yourself in little or no time. Moreover, some mixtures have pungent smells when left for long, so it’s probably advisable to use when freshly prepared.

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