Eat Paleo And Feed Your DNA

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The Paleo diet is founded on the principles of food that our ancestors were dependent on. When humans were actual hunters and gatherers, the world was the supermarket, and food and cooking techniques were scarce. Without farmers or agricultural processing plants, food was cooked over a flame and eaten.

With the advancement of technology, science, and agriculture, our food has changed vastly. The Paleo diet recommends reverting to our roots as much as modern society permits. It means sourcing foods that were sustainably produced, free of preservatives, and unprocessed.

Dr. Loren Cordain humbly suggests that he didn’t create the Paleo diet, but he did find a name. He explains that this diet consists of the foods our DNA has evolved to eat and process naturally. It contradicts most of the food available today.

The Paleo diet is built on several simple premises. Eat nutritious-dense foods like salmon and leafy green vegetables. Instead of focusing on macronutrients, focus on healthier food, which is high in protein. By eating the food, your body is honestly craving. You’ll notice fewer cravings for processed foods that are high in sugar. With these key habits formed, bodyweight is more easily controlled, and results happen.

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