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Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. How many times have you opened your camera to find a triple-chinned stranger staring back at you? Traits and features you didn’t know existed until someone snapped a photo of you before you could pose. While you can’t always be prepared for every spontaneous paparazzi moment, if you have time to prepare, don’t procrastinate. Lighting is the one component of video streams, live streams, virtual dates, or whatever reason you find yourself behind the camera. Lighting matters. Here are some tips and tricks that will help make sure you look and feel your best on camera.

Before a Zoom call or a live stream, pick your location thoughtfully. Make sure you aren’t set up in front of a window (Petrik, N.D.). Windows will make lighting difficult and tend to wash out the subject. Find a location that is comfortable with controllable lighting.

Turn your device on and test your look. Adjust as necessary using a ring light. Ring Lights are popular among many influencers on social media. These attachments are affordable and capture light from different angles ( Petrik, ND.). Alternatively, you can opt for small on-camera light that plugs right into a device ( Petrik, N.D.). If live streams are going to become a daily practice or want to buy the best, invest in a studio lighting kit. These are costly but include two to three lights and stands or added extras like a diffuser to distribute light evenly and diminish hard shadows ( Petrik, N.D.). Proper lighting keeps the audience engaged, and you — classy AF.

Petrik, D. (n.d.). Live Video Lighting 101: Brighten Up Your Productions. Retrieved June 13, 2020, from

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