Number five genre of music in 2020: Alternative Rock

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For a genre with an alternative in the name, it seems to have taken the main stage in regards to its popularity in 2020. Alt Rock is the fifth most popular genre in the U.S.
The genre has certainly evolved since its popularity in the 80s and 90s. Ever since Nirvana,

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Rap is the biggest genre of music in 2020. It continues to expand its influence into other genres and has some of the biggest names in the music industry.
The genre has continued to take the stage this year, with artists like 21 Savage

and R.E.M. broke onto the scene and captivated worldwide audiences with unique styles.

Those that mimicked Nirvana like Pearl Jam

and Stone Temple Pilots would eventually fit into the “grunge” rock category.

After the death of Kurt Cobain and fall in grunge

the creatively named “post-grunge” bands like Foo Fighters


and Nickelback emerged

Pearl Jam is still making popular songs, with their “Dance of the Clairvoyants” being the most recent one.

In 2020, alternative rock is in a somewhat odd place. Imagine Dragons is often classified as an alt rock band, though there seems to be an almost constant debate on whether they are.

Twenty One Pilots are another of the most popular alt rock bands right now, with their 2015 hit “Stressed Out” being the first rock act to hit a billion streams on Spotify, and the 25th song to do so.

Now their song “Level of Concern” is one of the most popular songs in the genre today.

Other alt rock songs and artists that are popular this year are “Bang!” by A.J.R.

“Fire in Bone” by the Killers (most known for their hit “Mr. Brightside)

“Wasted on You” by Evanescence

and “Broken Boy” by Cage The Elephant to name even a few.

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