Three Benefits of Medical Marijuana

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The Healing Effects of Medical Marijuana for Cancer Patients

The legalization of medical marijuana began in 1996 when California decided to err on the side of common sense against Reagen-era “War on Drugs.” Fortunately, more states realized that medical marijuana’s medicinal benefits far outweighed the social stigma behind marijuana.

Unfortunately, while millions of Americans across 34 states can enjoy medical marijuana benefits, 16 states still have not gotten on board with legalization. Those 16 states need to take a look at these three benefits for medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Can Help Alleviate The Opioid Crisis

Oxycontin and codeine may be powerful pain relievers, but there are reasons these drugs are part of a national crisis. Those who suffer from chronic pain end up overdosing on these opioid medications because of their addictive nature.

Now, medical marijuana is not going to solve the opioid crisis, so do not be quick to label it as a “solution,” but it can help alleviate it by giving doctors an alternative to addictive opioids when prescribing pain relievers as states with legalized medical cannabis has a lower rate of opioid-related deaths.

Medical Marijuana Has Neurological Benefits

Medical cannabis is prescribed for chronic pain from arthritis to fibromyalgia, but it can help with the brain’s disorders. Some of the neurological disorders that medical marijuana can help treat are epilepsy, anxiety, and Parkinson’s disease.

Benzodiazepines, a conventional anti-anxiety medication, can cause overdose due to how quickly people build a tolerance to the medication. Medical cannabis is effective in regulating the brain’s GABA levels the same way benzodiazepines do, which means it is a safer alternative to dangerous benzos.

Medical Marijuana Is An Effective Sleep Aid

There are several reasons as to why marijuana is an effective sleep aid. There are many causes for insomnia, and medical cannabis can help treat these underlying conditions. Chronic pain and anxiety are two causes of insomnia, which we already know medical marijuana can help treat. However, medical marijuana can also help regulate the body’s natural sleep cycle due to its influence on the brain’s endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for the sleep-wake cycle.

Despite the scientific evidence pointing towards all of medical marijuana’s health benefits and the majority of Americans supporting it, some states are still having issues legalizing it.

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