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As embarrassing as it may seem, the novel CoronaVirus has ushered in a new frustrating skin problem. From lacerations to redness, rosacea, and maskne, the masks aren’t the gentlest on our sensitive skin. Medical field professionals have expressed creative ways to prevent irritation behind their ears, but to no avail, long hours veiled by a mask make it difficult for our skin to breathe. Skincare experts are speaking up about why the masks are irritating our skin, and how some of us can feel confident when we take our masks off at the end of the day.

Dermatologists note that skincare is an essential habit to practice pre-pandemic and even more so today. If you notice skin irritation around the area of your face when you remove the mask, be sure to use a gentle cleanser on your skin to wash away dirt or sweat that accumulates and blocks pores.

The masks are intended to trap your germs inside the mask, the unfortunate consequence of that is everything you breathe into your mask sticks on your skin. Oil, dirt, and sweat cause acne, eczema, and rosacea.

After cleansing the face, it is highly recommended to moisturize using a product with hyaluronic acid. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties that help keep the skin hydrated and stress-free during stressful hours under a mask.

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  1. I’ve had clients with maskne caused by repeatedly using the same mask. A washable mask provides better chances of avoiding skin issues.

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