How COVID19 Crushed Lipstick Sales

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During tough times people turn to comfort items. For some, it may be a warm bowl of soup under a cozy fleece blanket or possibly snuggled up with the fur baby and a good movie. Other people turn to little pick-me-ups such as makeup. Leonard Lauder coined this specific trend as the “LipStick Index” As the economy declines, the cosmetic industry often remains steadfast. Lipstick products are small items that are affordable and give a reason to smile even if the world seems to be falling apart. COVID has flipped this trend on its head, and there’s no telling if the sales will recover.

COVID-19 has ushered in a new sense of normal. People wear stylish face masks when out in public, and there isn’t a reason to purchase new lip shades no matter how tempting. It doesn’t mean the entire cosmetics industry is suffering. Makeup is still a popular product that boosts mood and confidence. People may not be buying lipstick, but they are still buying makeup. With facial cosmetics, customers are searching for long-wear foundations, better setting sprays, smudge-proof products that can withstand a mask rubbing against their faces all day.

The eyes are projected to take center stage. Expect to see new dazzling palettes for eyes, revolutionary eyeliners, or longlasting extravagant lashes.

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