Above The Mask: Eye Looks For 2020

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So we aren’t quarantining in this pandemic reality most of us are living. Thousands have returned to work, and the ones who have are required to wear a mask that covers 50% of their faces. When combined with the summer heat, the masks aren’t comfortable to wear and make them mostly unbearable. Makeup feels pointless because the mask just rubs it off, or causes more skin issues. If you are missing makeup and missing the confidence and fun that cosmetics bring to your self-care routine, there are some new ways to experiment with your look above the mask. Let your eyes do the talking when you’re out and about.

2020 has spurred new trends in eye makeup. Glossy lids are a wet and wild eye look that is reminiscent of decades past.

Simply add a couple of drops of eye gloss on the lash line and blend up into your crease. Don’t forget your brows, people!

Keep the brows tame with a structured shape. This kept-look keeps you professional and on top of it, even if you haven’t been sleeping or eating well-balanced meals since the quarantine chaos.

Lastly, liner, reach for bolder colors for a fun and flirty look. Choose electric blue tones or bejeweled emerald shades to bring more attention to those dazzling eyes.

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