Virtual Makeup Classes— Worth The Hype?

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Remember back in the day when you could walk into a Sephora or even a Sak’s Fifth Avenue and get a makeover from the beauty consultant at the cosmetic counter? Yeah, like less than a year ago— times have changed. As people become more conscientious of their hygiene and practice safe social distancing, these private lessons from the pros are disappearing. Brick and mortar stores are scrambling to fill the deficit for these employees, and the answer is Zoom courses online.

Now customers can purchase blocks of time with a professional, where the customer and consultant discuss the desired look and work to achieve that goal. The virtual experience still allows full communication, provided there’s a stable internet connection.

There are pros and cons to this experience. The customer is limited by the tools they have at home, and they have to rely on their skills in application. It also means the customer has full control and gets much-needed practice while cradled in the arms of a trained professional.

Keep the makeup remover near-by and master a new look. While these courses can range in price, YouTube is still a great free resource for aspiring beauty gurus. Ask yourself if you need customizing, guided lessons, or if a few hours on Youtube should suffice.

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