Apps & Inventions in 2020

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Every year brings new inventions and apps, pandemic or no. Some of the best can come about in trying times, so it is worth looking at them to see who rises to the top.

In terms of apps, HBO Max launched this year. While streaming services are now a dime-a-dozen, this one allows for watching all your favorite HBO shows on a mobile device. It works well, has a good U.I., and can log in with your same HBO Go account.

Another app that has arisen in George Floyd’s death, Anonymous Camera, has one goal: making sure that protesters remain anonymous. It automatically blurs faces and even entire bodies in photos. It’s particularly relevant and useful in this time of social unrest in the United States and Belarus.

In the physical realm, Samsung Baille is an exciting piece of gear to come out of this year’s CES convention. It is a ball-sh

aped robot companion that also acts as a smart device. Think BB-8 from Star Wars, which might mark our entrance to “the future.

Meanwhile, BMW is attempting to transform the way we ride in cars with the i3 Urban suite. Removing chairs and adding a desk lamp, heated cupholders, and a coat rack seems like something out of a cyberpunk villain limousine. Either way, it certainly seems like something to get excited about.

Even with the disrupted 2020 that has gone on so far, it’s clear that progress doesn’t stop. It only seems a matter of time before these apps and inventions become widespread, and the next great thing comes along.

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