Mobile 2020: Apple Versus Android

The battle has been going on for years and looks to continue for a while yet. Which devices truly win out in the hectic year of 2020, those with Apple O.S. or those with the Android O.S.?

Generally, it depends on what use the phone is going to have. If someone needs it to link up with other devices, Apple devices are prime for this. Whether it is a desktop, phone, or tablet, they can seamlessly connect and interact with one another. They also have a better number of messaging apps, even catching up regarding Google Maps dominance. Their ability to provide regular iOS updates is also one of the defining features of Apple devices.

On the other hand, Android devices typically have an edge when it comes to voice assistants. Apple’s Siri isn’t that useful, and that’s when she does give an answer that relates to your command. With new technology like 5G on the horizon, Android is taking more initiative to embrace it. This trend seems set to continue since they’ve previously beat Apple to wireless charging, 4G LTE, and touchless voice commands.

As much as each device seeks to gain a clear advantage, the only thing that remains clear is how close the two are in terms of quality. They both are looking to integrate V.R. and A.R. features, have about equal business abilities and seek to be as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

Nobody likes a tie, but it seems we’ve got one here.

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