Facebook Gaming: Will It Catch On In The U.S.?

With Mixer’s shutdown, it seems that Twitch remains the sole giant in the world of game streaming. However, Facebook Gaming is attempting to muscle its way into the scene. The question is: will people use it?

Facebook Gaming is quite a weird app. It allows the user to stream themself playing mobile games, while also appealing to those who have devoted a good section of their lives to Words With Friends. Its news feed combines clips from popular Facebook games and more intense Call of Duty trick shots and crazy plays.

Facebook has recently tried to get into the streaming world by signing exclusive deals with big-time streamers like strategy game streamer Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang and former Smash Bros pro Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios. However, the effectiveness of these deals is still questionable.

It doesn’t seem like this app has been set up to satisfy crowds in the U.S. The more intense gaming crowd has all of their favorite streamers on Twitch and generally don’t want to be bothered with Facebook games. Meanwhile, the casual crowd of 50+-year-olds will most likely not be interested in the “sick, quad-kills” from the latest Call of Duty.
Does it have a chance at gaining popularity? Absolutely. Facebook is inescapable in many people’s lives. Will it meet the same fate as Facebook Deals or Facebook Camera? It seems the initial odds are looking that way.

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