Pandemic Pampering— Is It Worth The Risk?

Businesses that are constituted as “essential” have caused heated debate across the county. When the quarantine shut down society except for services deemed essential to the function of everyday life, people began to argue that salons are essential. For those initial weeks, millions of people were unable to get their hair trimmed or dyed. Nails went neglected from their weekly manicures. Other services that are considered cosmetics such as liposuction, Botox, or elective surgeries were inaccessible as well.

Protests formed to reopen these businesses. People grew increasingly impatient with the inconvenience of dying their hair at home, and self-care became a more intimate affair. As states make moves to reopen and lift certain restrictions, these businesses have reopened their doors to a new reality. The pandemic can’t seem to keep people inside forever; however, it is important to customers that when they do go out, businesses are putting their safety first.

In an era of self-care and pampering, people are racing to the nearest salon. Customers are willing to mask up and brave the virus for a professional cut and style. There is a distinct shift happening, some individuals embrace a more relaxed look, and some are resisting bitterly because caring for yourself—feels good. As with any decision, they are assessing the amount of risk involved is natural. A significant population is willing and eager to get back to their pre-pandemic normal and jump through whatever hoop stands in the way. Others will continue to stay inside, deeming a salon appointment as unnecessary. According to Forbes Magazine, “aesthetic-care, done with care, can be safe––and is slowly rebounding.” Today a trip to the salon may look entirely different. Customers can expect to wear a face mask, professionals wearing gloves, masks, and required temperature readings upon sign-in.

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