Should We Be Concerned About Digital Addiction?

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You’ve probably heard of addiction to drugs, substances, or even foods, but did you know there is such a thing as a digital addiction? There’s a reason why you can’t tear someone away from their computers or phones: digital addiction is a real problem. Unfortunately, digital addiction is a problem that doesn’t look to go away anytime soon. As society continues to make strides and improvements in technology, we’ll undoubtedly see an increase in digital addiction. From the internet to smartphones and social media, these are made to be addictive.

To make matters worse, the average times most people check their smartphones is over fifty times a day. Even when we’re trying to relax, we still can’t put them down, even when we should be detoxing digitally and relaxing. The average college-aged adult spends almost nine hours every day on their phones.

Digital addiction is such an international concern that many tech companies are pressured to do what they can to combat digital addiction. It’s difficult when many of these companies intentionally create their products to be as addicting as addictive substances such as drugs or cigarettes. Many of these tech companies’ whole purpose is to keep people scrolling through their social media platforms or using their apps for as long as possible. However, this method causes a range of mental health issues that are causing different problems for society in general. People use social media to attack others anonymously, post dangerous viral videos, and spread misinformation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to lockdown and develop even more addicted to social media and the internet. It’s the only way for some people to stay connected. Unfortunately, it becomes many people’s reality.

These tech companies are the only ones who can put measures in place to protect the public’s mental health. However, the individual must also do their part to limit themselves from their phones and the internet to avoid addiction.

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