Raving in 2021? What’s changed.

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2020 was not a good year for raves. The onset of the COVID pandemic shut down any traditional raving and meant that all fans had to suffer through the year without that sweet relief of these occasions. Of course, those illegal raves that went on during lockdowns in the United Kingdom and the United States that only meant the virus became more widespread, but hopefully, those stay in 2020 where they belong.
But what exactly has changed about the way that raves will carry now? Has the year changed one number meant that anything is different? One of the most exciting innovations and adaptations to come out of this hellhole of the past year was the digital rave. What started with live streams from YouTube and Instagram evolved into professionally produced gigs that wouldn’t have been too far out of place for an actual event. Of course, while the crowds were not physically present, this gave way for artists to reach their fans without risking them to COVID exposure.
Other plans were also made to help keep ravers safe. In Germany, venues were set up and based around social distancing, allowing them to be physically present and dance without being too close to one another. In addition to masks and the outdoor spacing, this helped significantly reduce the risk that COVID posed to these raves.
Of course, the question now is what comes next? Even though COVID vaccines have started to be distributed worldwide, it doesn’t seem like the virus is going away anytime soon. Assuming the vaccines become more readily available, planned raves like the Electric Forest and the Shambala Music Festival might be able to go ahead (with masks and social distancing enforced to be on the safe side). Only time will truly tell, but we can certainly hope.
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