Healthy Living Space chat with Dr. Kumar about tiny habits to survive Dry January.

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On Wednesday, January 19 @ 7:05 PM EST, host Brent Manuel and Co-host Tonya Scholzchat with Dr. Ramesh Kumar, founder and medical director of LifeWell MD, a concierge Med Spa focussed on maximizing their physical, cognitive, and sexual health.

Meet Dr. Kumar

Tonya (@knowaging) & Dr. Kumar (@RTkumar)  chats about forming healthy habits in 7 days by starting with tiny habits.


Healthy Living with Dr. Kumar via Twitter Spaces (O1/20/22) Healthy Habits.

Brent Manuel & Tonya Scholz chat w/ Dr. Kumar about “Tiny Habits” book by Dr. PJ. Fogg. Healthy Living with Dr. Kumar! via Twitter Spaces! (01/20/22) Tiny Habits

Originally live streamed on Wednesday, January 19 @ 7:05 via Twitter Spaces 

Host:: Brent Manuel

Co Host: Tonya Scholz

Special Guest: Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Founder and Medical Director, Life Well MD.

ABOUT LifeWell MD, 

LifeWell MD is a concierge Med Spa focussed on maximizing your physical, cognitive, and sexual health. Led by Dr. Kumar, a board-certified physician with additional training in Medical Acupuncture from Harvard Medical School, personalized protocols are created using combinations of the best of Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine to help you to get from where you are now to where you want to go. We believe that Extending Life Span is important. Extending Health Span is equally important. We are the experts at helping you achieve your goals with the minimum of effort and time investment.

For more info,

Listen to the full episode via Youtube. 👇

Healthy Living with Dr. Kumar via Twitter Spaces 

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