#NFTsForACause EPS 7: Chat with Melina Gallery

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Carlos Sicilia & Tonya Scholz hosted their weekly Sunday, February 27 @ 3 PM EST #NFTsForACause v/ @TwitterSpaces! Chat w/ 10-year old, @melina_gallery & her parents about  #20DovesofFreedom #NFTProject! 50% proceeds to go Ukrainian children affected by the war. 

Meet @Melina_Gallery, a 10-year-old artist who created 20 Doves of Freedom 🕊#NFTproject to help kids who suffer from the #WarInUkraine. 50% of all sales will be donated. Here is your chance to meet her today @ 3 PM EST #NFTsForACause w/ @SiciliaStandUp & I!

Listen REPLAY full episode 7!

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