Homeless Singer/Mom turned activist copes with depression and released an emotional song into a Music NFT to plant trees.

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Th3Meaning’s “Lie” has already hit airwaves on 36 streaming platforms. After featuring on artist albums without compensation, Th3Meaning decided to take her career into her own hands. She began building her style by listening to her favorite artist and experimenting with new ones.


@Th3Meaning proudly sings her freestyled lyrics on the entire song, "Lie". She is from Cincinnati, Ohio and Th3Meaning's biggest influence comes from artists like @TrippieRedd, @LilUziVert, and Playboi Carti, to name a few.

At eight years old, @Th3Meaning decided she wanted to be a musician.

The time @Th3Meaning got signed. 

Th3meaning began her journey in 2018 after finding herself and her 13yr old daughter homeless on the streets of Dayton, Ohio. While spending time at the public library, they saw a flyer promoting a free studio recording class. After taking the course, they began recording music to express how they felt about their position in society, being bullied for being poor, and being homeless. Her newly released single “Lie” was recorded in the library studio. The song is available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc. 

Th3Meaning describes the utility of her music NFT,  “Lie.” 

Th3Meaning chat about Twitter Spaces, building community & minting her first animated music NFT.

Th3Meaning  chat about her next music NFT Project & the IRL VIP event for her  NFT holders.

Proceeds of Th3Meaning’s seven animated cover art collectibles of her Music NFT, ‘Lie’ would help plant 560 trees!

What fans are saying about @Th3Meaning: Naji_MoArmy - "Sounds lit!" / Guardian_of_melody - "This is the first time I'm excited about a song coming out!" / Jinkerth -"I'm so happy to be watching an artist grow and expand."

About Th3Meaning:


Th3Meaning highest purpose is to share my music to help you express your feelings and emotions about where you are in your life. She sing for the forgotten and stand for the forgotten people because she was one of them. She intend to make the world a better place utilizing music NFTs. That’s what we all want in the end.

For more info or to book an interview, go to: Lnktr.ee/th3meaning

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