The Rise of "Only The Motivated" Brand and Keynote Speaker, Nick Laureano.

By: Charles Myambo @bigchaz14

Entrepreneurship has visibly increased over the past few years. At the precipice of the pandemic, most employees were confronted with the reality of just how volatile their jobs could be. Quite a large number of people worldwide were either laid off from work or retrenched. It prompted many people to try their luck in business. Some succeeded, while others failed. One of the biggest success stories of the pandemic was Nick Laureano and “Only The Motivated” clothing line. His brand garnered global attention when the pandemic was at its worst. 

Nick Laureano and "Only The Motivated" clothing line.


Despite only being 27 today, Nick has managed to motivate and inspire in a way typically associated with gurus like Les Brown, Jay Shetty, and Morgan Freeman. Several prominent public figures, including athletes, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, and socialites, became avid admirers of “Only The Motivated” (OTM). The OTM name alone became a slogan that sent out positive shockwaves globally.

From a relatively tender age, Nick Laureano felt the inclination to inspire, motivate and empower those around him. This inherent desire to inspire is a product of Nick’s experiences. Early in life, Nick identified that mental health issues were prevalent despite the limited conversations around such subjects. He had to overcome the stigma associated with being different. These mental health issues only became worse with the onset of the pandemic. People were losing jobs, life savings, and college funds, defaulting on payments and filing for bankruptcy. Some people became severely depressed, while others resorted to suicide. The need for some hope became very evident. As a motivational speaker, Nick felt the calling to serve as many people as possible during the pandemic. He hosted many free virtual events where he would encourage and empower as many people as he could reach with his words. His positive speeches and messages resonated with a large volume of people. Many people bought OTM merch because they truly identified with Nick’s demeanor and words of encouragement.

It is amazing how the powerful OTM movement started with a regular kid from Brockton, Massachusetts. Admittedly, Nick was not the most flashy or popular kid growing up. Perhaps the only thing that distinguished him from his peers was his burning desire to motivate. Aside from that, he was very much a regular guy. However, that would all change as Nick began to rise to prominence as a keynote speaker and motivational influencer. As of today, he has been covered by reputable outlets such as The Hype Magazine, This Is 50, Motimagz, E-News, US Insider, New York Weekly, Ceo Weekly, The Chicago Journal, LA Wire, Us Reporter, Tribune, and many more. This large-scale coverage of Nick and the OTM brand has been instrumental in echoing Nick’s words of encouragement. On any given day, just about anyone can have struggles with sanity and discouragement because of the various stresses associated with life. This reality of life makes Nick’s mission to inspire and encourage all the more important. For Nick, confirmation of his purpose as a motivational influencer came from positive feedback from strangers, peers, family, and friends who told Nick his motivational messages were morale-boosting and empowering.

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