Get Ready for a Whale of a Time While Saving Sharks!

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Are you tired of the same old entertainment options and looking for something that combines fun, adventure, and a good cause? Well, you’re in luck! Introducing Aquatic Metaverse Pty Ltd, an entertainment brand that focuses on conservation and makes a splash in the world of gaming, immersive stories, and education. All this is powered by cutting-edge Web 3 and metaverse technology!

It’s Not Just a Drop in the Ocean

Based in Australia, Aquatic Metaverse Pty Ltd teamed up with US research agencies to help fund critical research activities, adding 4 new shark species to the world protection list at CITES. And that’s not all! Talk about making waves! Their conservation agency partner was crucial in legally signing the new shark fin elimination act into law in the US.

Dive Into a Sea of Education and Adventure

What specific entertainment options does Aquatic Metaverse offer? With virtual aquarium experiences built for classrooms worldwide, students can learn directly from US, Australian, and UK aquarium professionals without wetting their feet. And if you’re hungry for a more, feast on their Genesis collection of 7,007 NFTs featuring 7 species (6 sharks and 1 mermaid, because why not?). Each species is divided into 7 orders/classes with unique characteristics explored in 25+ chapters of adventure story and lore. Plus, with over 4.5 hours of audiobooks and 2 comics available, there’s always more to discover.

Unleash Your Inner Gamer and Save the Sharks

If games are more your style, you’re in for a treat. They’ve got a Discord game bot called Shark Attacks, widely praised as the most fun game in Discord. And their Minecraft MMORPG features 7 massive and heavily detailed underwater cities/bases. Need proof? Check out the trailer videos on their YouTube channel.

But hold on to your fins because the Surf’s Up Game Board is coming May 1st! Holders of their NFTs can claim ETH prizes monthly by matching them with the game board.

And if that’s not enough, their flagship game will blow you out of the water. A AAA digital trading card game that moves into closed beta testing in early May, it’ll be free to play on Android, iOS, and web-based PC via Steam. Use their NFTs as upgradeable trading cards via metadata and art through three unique upgrade pathways to improve their in-game performance and resale value.

Helping Sharks One Mint at a Time

With 25% minted, they have donated USD 5,000 to Fins Attached to purchase acoustic and satellite shark tags. Every mint sends 10% directly to Fins Attached as part of their Adopt-A-Shark Program. The Community gets to name the sharks and receive videos and photos of the tagging process, and the satellite-tagged ones can even track their migration. How fin-tastic is that?

And don’t forget their Shark Protection Agent merch items, where the full sales profits go directly to the Fins Attached. That’s right – you can look sharp and save sharks at the same time!

Jump on Board and Make a Splash

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the Aquatic Metaverse and join us in saving the sharks while having a whale of a time! We’re just getting started, so stay tuned for more.

Originally streamed on April 30, 2023 #NFTsForACause via Twitter Spaces.Tonya Scholz and Carlos Sicilia sat down with Rob Keanalley, CEO & Founder of Aquatic Metaverse Ltd about @SaltySharksNFT, @FinsAttached & giving back.

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