Real Estate Finance in the Digital World: How Sundial is Making it Easier.

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Phil Bloom, Founder of Sundial Advisory Service

Real estate and business financing can be a headache, with piles of documents and information required to secure a loan. Commercial banks have traditionally been the go-to for commercial clients, but mergers and consolidations have created a constantly changing landscape that can be difficult to navigate. Add in the COVID-19 pandemic, and an already challenging process becomes even more arduous. However, as everything becomes digital, many platforms seem easy, but the reality sets in quickly, with many lenders requiring more information for better interest rates.

Phil Bloom, founder of Sundial

The demand for properties is high, with people and businesses moving to lower tax locations and more business-friendly states, inflating prices and straining the abilities of all parties involved in closing a mortgage loan. Most real estate and business financing exist in the physical world, with surveys, appraisals, title work, property condition inspections, and legal aspects still requiring hands-on services that add weeks or months to a transaction. Moreover, finding lenders can be time-consuming and unreliable, with numerous personal meetings or Zoom calls needed.

Sundial Advisory Services has found a way to make real estate financing easier and more dependable. As former bankers and commercial lenders, they have deep relationships with the markets and a clear understanding of the process from start to finish. They combine direct digital access into the lending world, which allows them to help their clients prepare their loan requests and structure their transactions faster and at a lower cost. They can provide multiple loan offers to their clients with a clear comparison of loan amounts, rates, and terms in one simple report, which gives borrowers more options and control in the lending process.

Phil Bloom, founder of Sundial 2

According to Phil Bloom, founder of Sundial Advisory Services, “After providing hundreds of millions of dollars for commercial real estate projects and properties and working with both individual mom and pop borrowers as well as some of the largest property owners and developers in the U.S., we provide the same level of service to a new generation of owners, buyers, and investors! We offer conventional lending, institutional, agency, and hard money financing as well as MCA lending and commercial realty services through our affiliates.”

Sundial Advisory Services offers an easier and more reliable way for borrowers to obtain financing for their real estate and business ventures. With their deep industry relationships and digital access, they are streamlining the process and putting borrowers in the driver’s seat. Contact them at 561-923-9198 or go to to learn more about their services.

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