Navigating Medical Marijuana: An In-Depth Discussion with Dr. Ramesh Kumar.

Navigating Medical Marijuana: An In-Depth Discussion with Dr. Kumar


The use and regulation of medical marijuana has become increasingly popular as a treatment option; there is still confusion surrounding its regulation. In a recent Social Chats Health YouTube discussion with Dr. Ramesh Kumar,  board certified oncologist, regenerative and medical marijuana doctor provides valuable insights on this topic. He has been utilizing medical cannabis in his practice since 2017.

Approval Process and Expanding Qualifying Conditions:

Dr. Kumar begins by discussing the approval process for medical marijuana in Florida and how it has evolved over time. He explains that initially only certain qualifying conditions were eligible for medical cannabis prescriptions but emphasizes the expansion of qualifying conditions since then.

Understanding Components and Regulations:

In order to use medical marijuana effectively, it is vital to understand its components and regulations. Dr. Kumar emphasizes the importance of unbiased information and directs viewers to reputable scientific resources, such as

Differences between Medical Cannabis and Street Cannabis:

There are significant differences between medical cannabis obtained through legal means versus street cannabis, according to Dr. Kumar’s expertise. He explains that CBD and THC content is regulated in medical cannabis products, ensuring consistent doses for patients’ safety.

Avoiding Smoking Cannabis & Exploring Other Administration Methods:

While smoking may be the most common method associated with cannabis use historically, Dr. Kumar advises patients to avoid smoking due to potential lung damage risks associated with inhaling smoke particles into delicate respiratory tissues. Alternative methods of administration, such as edibles or tinctures, can provide similar therapeutic effects while not compromising lung function.

Researchers need to conduct more research before precise recommendations can be made about some strains that have shown efficacy against cancer cells in laboratory studies. Dr. Kumar shares a personal anecdote regarding how medical cannabis helped his mother-in-law with breast cancer, highlighting its potential benefits.

There is skepticism within the medical community, which he acknowledges, and he underscores the need for education to promote open discussion.

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Qualifying Conditions: Cancer & Potential Benefits:

Cancer qualifies as one of the conditions deemed appropriate for medical marijuana usage in Florida; however, Dr. Kumar urges caution when considering this option alongside conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Process of Obtaining Medical Marijuana in Florida:

Dr. Kumar explains the process for obtaining a Florida medical marijuana card, including the qualification criteria and how to place orders through dispensaries. To ensure personalized care, he stresses communication between patients and their dispensaries.

Cannabis Culture: Europe vs. US:

According to Dr. Kumar, there is a significant cultural difference between Europeans and Americans when it comes to cannabis acceptance and understanding. Although some European countries have more liberal policies on recreational use, he says there is still much work to be done in terms of education and policy reform globally.

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Importance of Terpenes & Polyphenols :

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in various plants, including cannabis, which contribute to its distinctive smell but also possess therapeutic properties themselves.

Similarly, polyphenols are powerful antioxidants present in many plant-based foods that may enhance the overall health benefits associated with medical marijuana consumption.


Dr. Kumar’s discussion sheds light on key aspects surrounding medical marijuana usage such as regulatory processes, differences from street cannabis, administration methods to consider or avoid smoking risks, and potential benefits for cancer patients along with cautionary measures when used alongside conventional treatments.

While further research is necessary across various areas related to medical marijuana use, it is clear that education plays a crucial role not only among patients but also within healthcare professionals who should remain informed about these emerging treatment options for their patient’s benefit.

We hope that as global awareness of both medicinal properties and economic implications continues to grow, we will maintain strict regulations that ensure patient safety while advancing research.

*Dr. Ramesh Kumar is the founder and medical director of LifeWellMD located in Port St. Lucie and North Palm Beach, Florida. Upon completion of your initial exam and discussion of your qualifying conditions with Dr. Ramesh Kumar, you will be eligible to apply for a Florida medical marijuana card.

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