The Rise of Audio, Addressing Asian Racism, and Spreading Positivity: A Recap of Social Chats Follow Friday

Social Chats Follow Friday Streamed 3:19:21

*Recap of Social Chats #FF with Tonya and Dean streamed live on Mar 19, 2021 covers the rise of audio, Asian racism, and spreading positivity.

The hosts of Social Chats Follow Friday, Tonya and Dean discuss various topics including the rise of audio as a popular medium, the importance of addressing and combating racism against Asians, incidents of people behaving poorly, news stories they heard, and their plans for their Follow Friday Twitter page and live streaming. They also encourage viewers to connect with them through email and social media.

Embracing the Power of Audio:

During their conversation, Dean and Tonya discuss the growing popularity of audiobooks and radio shows. They explore the advantages that make it increasingly attractive to audiences worldwide, including accessibility, convenience, immersive experiences, multitasking, and the ability to multitask while consuming content.

Combating Racism Against Asians:

A significant portion of this episode is dedicated to addressing racism against Asians. Drawing from personal experiences, one host shares how they were bullied as a child when immigrating to the United States due to racial differences. This leads them to discuss the limitations imposed by streaming platforms’ time constraints in discussing such crucial matters adequately.

The hosts stress on recognizing and combatting anti-Asian hate crimes that have been on an alarming rise recently. They express shock at incidents like shootings targeting Asian women while criticizing any attribution solely given to China or other countries for these acts without acknowledging domestic factors involved.

Reflecting on People Behaving Poorly:

Dean and Tonya highlight instances where individuals showcased poor behavior towards others amidst pandemic-related challenges—examples include physical altercations resulting from mask-related disputes or racially motivated incidents targeting Uber drivers or couples.

Despite frustration over these occurrences, both hosts advocate maintaining a positive attitude during stressful times as an essential way forward in fostering a better society.

News Stories and Observations:

As part of the discussion, the hosts discuss a series of news stories that caught their attention, including an attack on an Asian woman without apparent cause, tornadoes in Alabama and Tennessee, and unusual patterns of trees blooming in Florida. Their opinions on these topics are expressed along with a message that viewers should stay updated.

Promoting Kindness and Spreading Positivity:

In a world filled with negativity, Dean believes that small acts of kindness can help shape a more compassionate society by spreading kindness and making good deeds cool again.

Tech talks, Social Media strategy & Live Streaming:

Moving forward with their Follow Friday Twitter page, Dean and Tonya share plans to engage with followers through tech discussions, hybrid events involving live streaming on platforms like Facebook, and exploring audio spaces on Twitter for enhanced interactions.

They also touch upon notable incidents like Zack Snyder’s personal tragedy during the production of “Justice League” and subsequent release of the Snyder Cut version. In addition to discussing content creation strategies for social media platforms, they express interest in using GIFs as alternatives to offensive language.


In this episode of Social Chats Follow Friday, Dean and Tonya cover diverse topics ranging from embracing audio as a popular medium to addressing racism against Asians head-on. Through sharing personal experiences and discussing news stories or instances of people behaving poorly amidst challenging times like COVID-19 pandemic-related conflicts or racial discrimination incidents – they emphasize the need for awareness-raising efforts alongside promoting kindness and positivity.

As Dean reminds viewers towards the end of the video about connecting with them via email or social media handles (@SocialChats), it becomes evident that engagement is key not only within this particular discussion but also within broader conversations aiming at building understanding among communities while advocating positive change across various realms.

Watch the full episode, tap link below.

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