5 Key Streaming Audio Trends Over the Past Decade.

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5 Key Trends Reshaping Streaming Audio Over the Past Decade. Tranquil woman resting on yoga mat in earphones at home

Remember when streaming audio first emerged in the early 2010s? It sparked the beginning of an audio revolution that has shaped how we discover, listen to, and engage with audio content. Social Chats started as a weekday talk radio show in February of 2010 from 1-2 PM EST at WPBR 1340 AM radio station. In June of 2010, we were sponsored by Securenet Systems, a data center to start streaming our talk shows. At the time no one was doing this in our area. 

According to new research from Edison Research and Amazon Ads, Audio in Evolution: Five Megatrends from a Decade of Streaming Audio Research, the audio landscape has changed tremendously over the past decade. The study uncovered 5 mega trends that highlight opportunities for brands looking to connect with streaming audio listeners.

Streaming Audio Trends. woman covering her hair and wearing headphones

Streaming Audio Adoption Is Soaring – 

75% of U.S. adults now listen to streaming audio monthly, a 27% increase over the past 5 years. Listeners now spend nearly 2 hours per day with streaming audio. As adoption grows, streaming opens new avenues for brands to reach engaged listeners.

Streaming Audio Trends. shallow focus photography of man wearing Beats wireless headphones

Streaming Audio Offers Brands New Engagement Potential – 

78% of monthly listeners tune into ad-supported content. 63% find streaming audio ads less disruptive than video ads. Streaming audio’s lean-back listening style makes it possible for brands make emotional connections.

Streaming Audio Trends. turned-on charcoal Google Home Mini and smartphone

New Audio Technologies Are Fueling Growth – 

Smart speaker ownership drives 12% more daily listening time. These owners also listen to streaming audio 20% more than non-smart speaker owners. As audio tech evolves, more listeners will likely come onboard.

Streaming Audio Trends

More Content Choices Lead to More Listening – 

The average listener now tunes into 2.4 streaming services per month. More services mean more listening – those using multiple platforms listen 30% longer each week. More spoken word options have also widened streaming audio appeal.

Streaming Audio Trends. Long haired teenager in circle eyeglasses and casual wear sitting on blue soft couch with luminous garland messaging on mobile phone and listening to music on headphones at home

Streaming Audio Has Taken Up Permanent Residence At Home – 

58% of all audio listening now happens at home, a 21% increase since 2015. Even as daily routines normalize post-pandemic, at-home streaming remains sticky. 42% of listeners stream more audio at home than 3 years ago.

Streaming Audio Trends. Pensive young ethnic male in casual wear writing in diary and listening to music via earbuds while sitting in cozy armchair

Over the past decade, streaming audio has carved out an increasingly prominent role in our lives. As these 5 trends show, streaming audio adoption, tech innovation, and listening habits continue evolving rapidly.

 As streaming audio continues to evolve, what opportunities do brands have to make meaningful connections with listeners? How do you think brands should approach reaching streaming audio audiences? What kind of ads or sponsorships do you find less disruptive and more engaging? What streaming audio features or formats could provide creative avenues for brands to tell their stories?

Whether through interactive voice ads, podcast sponsorships, or supporting new audio content formats, we believe streaming audio provides invaluable ways for brands to build relationships with consumers. But we would love to hear your thoughts. How can brands best participate in the streaming audio revolution while respecting the listener experience? Let us know in the comments!

For more insights, check out the full Edison Research and Amazon Ads study here or watch the livestream, tap link below.👇

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