Groundbreaking Potential of Yamanaka Transcription Factors in Reversing Aging

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(Summary of Bill Faloon’s presentation RAADfest 2023: Transcription Factor Research Update.)

In a well-publicized study conducted last year, researchers successfully used Yamanaka transcription factors to reprogram cells in live mice, resulting in younger-looking skin and reduced inflammation. This marked the first time that biological aging had been effectively reversed using these factors. However, while various benefits were observed in the mice subjected to this treatment, data on their lifespan was not collected.

Harvard’s Contribution:

Building upon this initial study, Harvard researchers also utilized Yamanaka transcription factors to reverse epigenetic aging and produce substantial improvements across several markers associated with age-related decline. Once again, however, no information regarding longevity was documented.

Rejuvenate Bio Makes Strides:

On January 9th of this year, another team from Rejuvenate Bio made significant progress by extending both the remaining lifespan and enhancing youthful function in old mice through the application of three out of four Yamanaka transcription factors. These aged mice were rejuvenated by more than doubling their remaining lifespan – a remarkable accomplishment considering they were equivalent to 77 human years at baseline.


To achieve these impressive results at Rejuvenate Bio, researchers encoded an innocuous virus with three selected Yamanaka transcription factors before injecting it into older mice. Oxy cycling was then employed as a triggering agent for activating gene expression selectively when desired rather than continuously overexpressing genes indefinitely.


The impact of this intervention was astounding. Epigenetic aging markers were reversed, restoring youthful function in the mice. Additionally, frailty, a validated marker of aging, was significantly reduced – indicating that the treatment successfully targeted fundamental aspects associated with age-related decline.

Implications for Human Longevity:

These findings have sparked considerable excitement within both scientific and broader communities due to their potential implications for human longevity. If similar results can be achieved in humans using Yamanaka transcription factors, individuals aged 77 could potentially extend their lives by an additional decade or more. This represents a paradigm shift from accepting a life expectancy of 87 years to pushing the boundaries to reach 98 years or beyond.

Moving Towards Immortality:

While it is crucial to approach these developments with caution and further research is necessary before applying such treatments in humans, there is no denying that we are on the cusp of revolutionary breakthroughs in anti-aging interventions. Scientists like myself are working diligently to make these therapies available for self-experimentation as soon as practically feasible.

Self-Experimentation and Ethical Considerations:

With regards to self-experimentation, it’s important to proceed responsibly while considering ethical considerations and safety precautions. While advancements like Yamanaka transcription factors hold immense promise for extending human lifespan and even potentially achieving immortality someday, they should be approached cautiously until rigorous testing ensures their efficacy and safety profile.


The groundbreaking studies surrounding Yamanaka transcription factors have opened up new possibilities in our understanding of aging reversal. The ability to slow down or even reverse biological aging holds profound implications not only for individual health but also societal structures as we adjust our norms around extended lifespans. As scientists continue refining these interventions through further research and clinical trials, humanity stands on the precipice of a future where immortality may transcend science fiction into reality.

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Watch the full presentation of Bill Faloon at RAADfest 2023!

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