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Global Cryonics Summit

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Global Cryonics Summit

Join us for the Global Cryonics Summit, organized by the Cryosphere team to bring together experts and motivated members, and to foster a cohesive cryonics community! This two day event will include presentations, panels, debates, workshops and more. Join us to hear about the latest cryonics developments from key industry figures, get involved in important cryonics projects, and meet up with like minded future-oriented people.

All tickets include access to both days of the event, light breakfast, refreshments, and lunch.

Special thanks to the sponsors of the Global Cryonics Summit: the Biomedical Research & Longevity Society, Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the European Biostasis Foundation, CryoDAO, and the Futurist Club.

Find out more at globalcryonicssummit.com



Schedule Highlight

Get a look at some of the key events on both days of the conference. See the full schedule here.

July 20

Presidents Panel

Hear from the presidents of the major cryonics organizations including Alcor, Cryonics Institute, Tomorrow Bio, Southern Cryonics, and Cryopets.

Research Pitches

Listen to scientists pitch their cryonics research proposals before a panel of funders.

Biostasis Techology Roadmap

See a presentation of a roadmap fo the development of biostasis technology, created by industry experts.

July 21


Smaller group discussions and hands on workshops on topics such as standby first aid, improving your odds, and very long-term investing.

Lightning Talks

Hear 5-10 minute lightning talks on a wide range of topics from speakers such as Aubrey de Grey.

Icecream Social

End the conference with some icecream and a chance to network with fellow attendees, speakers, and researchers.

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