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Postponing Menopause Can Extend A Healthy Life For Women

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Perpetual Life February Hybrid Service

Join us at 6:00 pm EST (11:00 pm UTC) for Perpetual Life Hybrid Service live from our location at 950 South Cypress Road in Pompano Beach, FL, and socialize with Immortalists from Around the World, hosted by hosted by Tonya Scholz and Rudi Hoffman.

Stay “In Zoom” for our 7:00 pm (12:00 am-midnight UTC) YouTube Streaming Service with guest speaker Zack Varkaris and our co founder, Bill Faloon.

“Delaying Menopause to Extend a Healthy Life” presented by Zack Varkaris, Scientific Director and founder of Austin Biotec.  Our founder Bill Faloon will provide a followup presentation on data showing dangers of early menopause and short reproductive year period.

Zack Varkaris will be live for Q & A after the presentation.

It is OK to drop in late!

Stay after the close of the YouTube streaming for the Zoom After Party until ??:00 pm.

Enjoy fellowship in the extended discussions with Neal and Immortalists & Friends from Around the World, sharing bold ideas on health, longevity, and technology!

Would you like to make a Donation to Perpetual Life?  Your donations help us grow & improve our services.

To donate, go to our website and use the PayPal button at the top right of the page. Thank you for your generous donations.

About Zack Varkaris:

Zack Varkaris is Scientific Director and founder of Austin Biotec. He holds a BSc in Marine and Molecular biology from Heriot Watt University. In 2011, he developed a cost-effective Algae to biofuel system, that produced both diesel and an unexpected byproduct of high value anti-ageing chemicals. Whilst researching the effectiveness of these chemicals he created anti-ageing topical creams. Progressing into stem cell rejuvenation which resulted in the creation of Exotherapy™ & Rejucvacyte™️ procedures to maximize Human Health and lifespan. Working by our Ethos: A fully functional reproductive system and aesthetic maintenance is the foundation for a completely extended life. The Freudenspanne concept was developed from the results of the first round of procedures. Currently he is completing a book on Freudenspanne.

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