The Practice Of Just Breathing (Mindfulness)

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In our hectic lives, we feel we never have time to stop to breathe. We’re cooking at the same time we’re watching television, showering at the same time we’re brushing our teeth, trying to manage our homes when we’re at work. Sometimes, it feels as if we’re outside our bodies looking in without ever taking a moment to ground ourselves into reality. Fortunately, that’s where mindfulness comes in, but what is it?

What Is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a relatively straightforward concept that doesn’t take any special equipment or a lot of time at all. Mindfulness helps reel us back to the present. You don’t have to sit down in a yoga position to achieve mindfulness. You can move into a state of mindfulness by just breathing whether you’re sitting down, walking, or moving around. Pushing the pause button to breathe and refocus the brain doesn’t take a lot of change and has some good benefits.

Benefits Of Mindfulness
⦁ Stress reduction
⦁ Focus
⦁ Anxiety reduction
⦁ Improved mood
⦁ Lower blood pressure

Sometimes the stress of our everyday lives puts us in a state of always feeling on edge. Our cortisol levels are always through the roof, and our blood pressure is high, and the stress causes depression and anxiety. Fortunately, all it takes is one breath to reel yourself back in. While mindfulness can be done anywhere in any position, until you master it, you might want to try a seated position in the meantime.

Sit on the floor, or any seat you can find, and put your legs in any position that’s comfortable to you. Let your neck relax, so your chin falls downward, and just let yourself be in that moment. Have your mind scan every part of your body. Start from your legs and move upward as you relax your muscles and breathe in fresh oxygen. It is how you ground yourself back to reality and focus your mind on the present.

Breathing and mindfulness are effortless but effective.

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