Reversing Desk Bound Posture

The number of times humans are seated, staring at a screen has increased dramatically in the last few decades. We are forever hunched forward and fixated for hours from TV to GPS, phones, tablets, and computer monitors. The adaptation to this is a forward projected head, strained cervical area, and thoracic immobility. Essentially you started becoming shorter and bent over. Not healthy nor attractive.

While many articles exist about tight, weak muscles being the cause, one of the main contributors is a habit. As they say in sports, “you play like you train.” If you aren’t aware of hunching over as you stand or walk away from a monitor, then you will default to the position you spend most of your time in. The take-home message is to be aware of standing and sitting tall.

A routine to stretch and strengthen the affected muscles during the day should not be extensive. It should be mindless and become a habit. It’s not an exercise routine as it’s not progressive. It’s used as a tool to build consistency and awareness in your body.

Movement pattern one is to move your head. That means nodding, turning, and tipping left to right. Move slowly and never forcefully. Don’t strain. Just supply movement to reverse the hours of fixed staring.

Movement pattern two is to stand up from your chair several times. You want to activate the legs. Squeeze your butt when you reach standing and hold for a count of 3. Repeat.

Movement pattern three is done standing. Interlace your fingers behind your back as if being handcuffed. Now straighten your arms and pull your shoulders down and back. Hold for 10 seconds.

There can be many more exercises, but just by repeating these three several times per day, your awareness and consistency of improved posture will leap forward.

Author: Tom Furman, an Online Fitness Consultant. His website is

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