The Powerful Story of a Foster Kid Who Grew Up To Become Rap Superstar- LME Tunechi! by Charles Myambo

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LME Tunechi was born in Columbus, Ohio, to what initially seemed a normal life. It would not be the case for long, though. Early in LME Tunechi’s life, he discovered what it meant to have the odds stacked against him. He became a foster child as early as age 9. During his time in the foster system, he endured countless trials and hardships. The tough circumstances surrounding his adolescent years forced him to develop grit and character. He had to grow up very quickly as someone who had become privy to hardships that most people do not encounter till adulthood. Life was anything but easy! Regardless, Tunechi was determined to make something out of his life despite the difficulties. He spent seven years in the foster system before finding a stable family.
At age 16, LME Tunechi would get adopted by a loving caucasian family. They embraced him and helped provide a much-needed sense of belonging. This new and healthier setup enabled Tunechi to focus fully on his aspirations. He began creating music and organizing musical events, albeit in his teen years, laying the foundation for the success Tunechi would achieve in subsequent years. As of today, LME Tunechi is a highly touted musician who has sold out several arenas. He has been on tour with big names like Sada Baby, Omb Peezy, and Nef The Pharaoh, to name a few. At present, he is working with Empire Records as an independent artist. While working with the record label, he has produced several hits, including some tracks on his most recent EP, “Ghetto Rockstar 2”.
Besides rapping and singing, LME Tunechi has succeeded in several other areas. This coming month on the 8th of September, he will release the much-anticipated EP, “Ghetto Rockstar 3,” which will be available on VEVO.

The man is truly multifaceted. He is a college graduate who excelled in all things pertaining to the business. At present, he owns his own business as a promoter. He has hosted celebrity parties, music events, and music tours. LME Tunechi is also the founder of the widely celebrated “Clubhouse Cookouts,” which connect power players and major influencers from all over America.

Perhaps, his most fulfilling venture thus far is the nonprofit organization he is developing. As expected, his background strongly influenced his decision to work for a nonprofit and find ways to provide for the less fortunate. He was once among the very same people he now seeks to help, which is truly admirable. LME Tunechi also had a brief stint when he was homeless following his move to Oakland at just 18 years of age. He understands what it is like to have a tough life as a child and an adult. This type of experience pushes him to use the platform he now has as a star musician to be a blessing to those in need.

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